The absence of the fearsome phylloxera has made it possible to preserve many unique grape varieties in the world in the Canary Islands. As a consequence, the entire vineyard is free, allowing a total plant-soil interaction, which partly explains the marked minerality of our elaborations. This together with the adaptation of the varietals to the numerous microclimates, give them an extraordinary personality and unique qualities. The wines of Bodegas El Sitio are exceptionally unique,
Different by nature

Plots and Varieties


Plot San Juan

Located around the winery, north of Tenerife, it is oriented to the northwest, at an average altitude of 313 m above sea level. Divided into eight terraces (plots) with an area of ​​3 hectares. It is planted with the Vijariego Negro ink variety. The soil has a clay-loam texture, with good water retention capacity.

Vijariego Negro


Plot Bebederos

It is located in the south of Tenerife. Oriented to the southwest, at sea level, here we grow the white variety Malvasía Aromática. Considered by many to be the queen of the white varieties of the Canary Islands, with it we elaborate our white El Sitio. When the characteristics of the vintage allow it, we also produce our Yanes Selected Vintage white.
The soil is loamy, not very compact, it is ideal for this variety.

Malvasía Aromática


Plot Guarisancho and El Tesoro

Located in the municipality of Valverde about 300 m. altitude and oriented northeast. Here the white varietals, mainly the White Vijariego and the Verdello, develop very well. With it we make our white wine Orchilla.
In both farms the soil is very similar to El Pinar: picón (volcanic ash) and low fertility. Ideal to achieve a good concentration of aromas on the skin of the grapes.

Vijariego Blanco Verdello


Plot Las Lapas

Located in the municipality of El Pinar. Oriented to the southwest, with an average altitude of 600 m above sea level. It’s 5 hectares. where we grow the black varieties Vijariego Negro (El Sitio Tinto) and Baboso Negro (De Yanes Tinto).
The soil is sandy (volcanic ash), with low clay content and very loose, which allows to obtain smaller berries that produce more concentrated wines.

Vijariego Negro Baboso Negro


Plot El Rajadero

On the island of La Gomera we have a small plot cultivated with the emblematic Forastera Gomera variety. Located in Chipude, in the municipality of Valle Hermoso, at an altitude of 1,100 m. and bordering the Garajonay National Park (World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO) is a southwest-facing hillside, hung over the Atlantic Ocean. The strains, over 60 years old, are cultivated according to the traditional system without entutorar. Here we make the white Forastera.
The steep slope of the land and the very low fertility of this soil of volcanic origin and franco-sandy texture, very stony, is the ideal for the perfect development of this peculiar variety.




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